Official Portal for Department of Survey And Mapping Malaysia (JUPEM)

Client Charter

  • To complete the cadastral survey up to the preparation of Certified Plan within a period of not exceeding 60 days upon receiving and orderly Requisition of Survey.
  • Ensuring to verify work performed by License Land Surveyors be completed within 60 days upon submission of a complete document.
  • To process Strata Plan within 30 days and Certified Plan within 50 days upon receiving a complete and orderly application.
  • Ensuring the period for issuance of lot number does not exceed within 7 days upon receiving a complete and an orderly application from License Land Suveyors.
  • To provide and to suply survey data to Land Office/Office of Director of Land and Mines for preparation of land title document within 7 days upon receiving a complete and compliance requisition.
  • Ensuring supply/dissemination of classified geospatial document within 2 days upon obtaining security clearance.
  • To ensure MyRTKNet's pose process data is dealt with and supplied within 4 hours.
  • To ensure and buying of unrestricted geodetic information can be processed and delivered within 1 days.
  • To ensure any application for transformation of coordinate and services , map projection and geoid interpolation is dealt with and delivered within 1 day.
  • Ensuring service/purchase application for every copy of survey data/nonrestricted map is delt with within 1 hour.
  • To ensure that survey data is always accessible and procurable through ecommerce at anytime.
  • To make payment of bills and invoices not more than 14 days upon receiving a complete document.

Client Charter Achievement for April 2016