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Mapping Product

NOTICE: Please read Pekeliling Am Bil.1/2007 : Pekeliling Arahan Keselamatan Terhadap Dokumen Geospatial Terperingkat for getting / keeping restricted document (* Restricted Topographic Map, Digital Terrain Models, Area Photograph and Orthophoto)

Unrestricted Topographic Map
General Description
No.Mapping SeriesSeries NoDescriptionIndexProduct Listing
1 Topographic Map 1:50,000 Peninsular MalaysiaDNMM5101View DetailsView MapView Map
2 Topographic Map 1:50,000 Sabah & SarawakDNMM5201View DetailsView MapView Map
3 Topographic Map 1:25,000 Peninsular MalaysiaDNMM6102View DetailsView MapView Map
4 Topographic Map 1:25,000 Sabah & SarawakDNMM6201View DetailsView MapView Map
5 Topographic Map 1:3000 - 12,500 Town Map in Peninsular MalaysiaDNMM8101View DetailsView MapView Map
6 Topographic Map 1:3000 - 12,500 Town Map in Sabah & SarawakDNMM8201View DetailsView MapView Map
7 Topographic Map 1:10,000 Klang ValleyDNMM6101View DetailsView MapView Map

Restricted Topographic Map
General Description
No.Mapping SeriesSeries NoDescriptionIndexProduct Listing
1 Restricted Topographic Map 1:25,000 Sabah & SarawakT835View DetailsView MapView Map
2 Restricted Topographic Map 1:50,000 Peninsular MalaysiaL7030View DetailsView MapView Map
3 Restricted Topographic Map 1:50,000 Sabah & SarawakT735View DetailsN/AN/A
4 Restricted Topographic Map 1:50,000 Sabah & SarawakT738View DetailsView MapView Map
5 Restricted Topographic Map 1:25,000 Peninsular MalaysiaL8028View DetailsView MapView Map
6 Restricted Topographic Map 1:25,000 SarawakT834View DetailsN/AN/A
7 Restricted Topographic Map 1:3000 - 12,500 Town Map in Peninsular MalaysiaL905View DetailsView MapView Map
8 Restricted Topographic Map 1:3000 - 12,500 Town Map in Sabah & SarawakT931View DetailsView MapView Map
9 Restricted Topographic Map 1:10,000 Klang ValleyL808View DetailsView MapView Map

Digital Terrain Model
General Description
No.Mapping SeriesSeries NoDescriptionIndexProduct Listing
1 DTM of Peninsular MalaysiaDTM_SMView DetailsView MapView Map
2 DTM of Sabah dan SarawakDTM_SSView DetailsView MapView Map

Thematic Map
General Description
No.Mapping SeriesSeries NoDescriptionIndexProduct Listing
1 Malaysia Political Map DNMM3001 (Scale 1:500,000)DNMM3001View DetailsN/AView Map
2 Malaysia Physical Map 1307 (Scale 1:750,000)1307View DetailsN/AView Map
3 Iskandar Development Region Map Series MY 90007R (Scale 1:100,000)MY 90007RView DetailsN/AN/A
4 Tourist Map DNMM 9003 (Scale Varies) DNMM9003View DetailsN/AView Map
5 Misc Town Map (Scale Varies) Misc Town MapView DetailsN/AView Map
6 Malaysia Political Map DNMM1001 (Scale 1:2,000,000)DNMM1001View DetailsView MapView Map
7 Malaysia Political Map DNMM2001 (Scale 1:750,000)DNMM2001View DetailsN/AView Map
8 Malaysia eMapeMapView DetailsView MapView Map
9 State Map DNMM9101 (Scale Varies)DNMM9101View DetailsView MapView Map
10 Peninsular Malaysia Physical Map L4010 (Scale 1:500,000)L4010View DetailsN/AView Map
11 District Map Series MY90001R And MY91001R (Various Scales)MY 90001R DAN MY91001RView DetailsN/AView Map

Miscellaneous Map
No.Mapping SeriesSeries NoDescriptionProduct Listing
1 Malaysia Report Map (Scale 1:4,500,000)Malaysia Report MapView DetailsView Map
2 Sabah Report Map Rampaian 80 (Scale 1:1,250,000)Rampaian 80View DetailsView Map
3 Sabah Map Rampaian 37 (Scale 1: 500,000)Rampaian 37View DetailsView Map
4 Malaysia Political Map Rampaian 45 (Scale 1:760,000)Rampaian 45View DetailsView Map
5 Malaysia Territorial Water and Continental Shelf Map Rampaian 97 (Scale 1:1,500,000)Rampaian 97View DetailsView Map
6 Peninsular Malaysia State Road Map DNMM 9001 (Scale Varies) DNMM9001View DetailsView Map
7 Asia South-East and Pacific South-West Map Rampaian 134 (Scale 1:7,000,000)Rampaian 134View DetailsView Map
8 Malaysia Map 1208 (Scale 1:2,000,000)1208View DetailsView Map
9 Wilayah Persekutuan Street Directory Rampaian 82 (Scale 1:10,000)Rampaian 82View DetailsView Map

Aerial Photograph
General Description

1 MosaicApply
2 Scanned imagesApply
3 Pronted MosaicApply

General Description

1 Orthophoto Peninsular Malaysia Apply
2 Orthophoto Sabah & Sarawak Apply

Other Services
General Description

1Map mounting services
 a) Map lamination with cloth
 b) Map lamination
 c) Fixing map roller


No.PriceDescriptionView Map
20190Information Book of Area and Perimeter of State, District and Island in Malaysia20.00View MapBuy

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