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Familiar Competency Development Program Meeting

On the 20th – August 22, 2014, JUPEM has organized a program of familiar Competency Development Meeting at Bayview Hotel, Melaka. The workshop was attended by 61 members of the workforce AKRAB of various parts and the state. The guest speakers were Mrs. Nurulliza Muklas (NRE Psychology Officer) and Dr. Amran Hassan (Psychology Officer NRE). The objective of this program is aimed; – Allow participants to practice active listening skills and provide feedback. – Enable participants to gain exposure to the ability to negotiate and reach an agreement. – Enables participants to use non-verbal skills. – Allows participants to expand and improve thinking skills such as explaining, analyzing and evaluating the discussions. – Allows players to survive as well as paying attention to the responsibilities assigned. In addition to lectures and practical sessions in this program, one session a visit to Rumah Seri Kenangan Cheng, Melaka was held on August 21, 2014 for the purpose of learning to members AKRAB workforce.