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The three -day mission Humanitarian Aid Disaster Management Meeting , ” NRE Caring Programme ” January 23, 2015

Kota Bahru, Kelantan January 23, 2015, a total of 113 staff JUPEM Kelantan and 3 staff of JUPEM Perak affected by flooding along the volunteers and staff of JUPEM Kelantan had gathered at the compound Headquarters JUPEM Kelantan to participate srta the donation ceremony by the Director General of Survey and Mapping Malaysia. The ceremony began with a prayer followed by a welcoming speech by the Director of Survey and Mapping Kelantan. Once complete speech of the Director of Survey and Mapping Malaysia, the ceremony continued with a presentation by Vice RISM the East Coast to the Director of Survey and Mapping Kelantan. The event continued with the presentation of contributions by Circular to all the victims of the Staff JUPEM Kelantan and Perak which is the financial assistance of £ 500.00 which was donated by the Land Surveyors Board of Peninsular Malaysia, rice and that the basic needs of others. The ceremony ended with a photo session with the flood victims Circular and a little refreshment. A press conference was also held with the Circular on the program developed by the Department immediately after the presentation of donations to flood victims.