Date Published : 19 Jul 2022


KULIM, 26 June 2022 - YB Datuk Seri Takiyuddin bin Hassan, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA) held an Official Visit to the Kedah Survey and Mapping Department in Kulim, Kedah this evening.

The arrival of YB Minister of Energy and Natural Resources was warmly welcomed by YBrs. Sr Mohammad Zaki bin Mohd Ghazali, Director General of Survey and Mapping Malaysia accompanied by Sr Tsalimy bin Abdullah, Director of Survey and Mapping Kedah and also the entire staff of JUPEM Kedah.

Also present at the visit session were YBrs. Sr Wan Mohamad Darani bin Ab Rahman, Divisional Director of Survey (Mapping Policy and Coordination) and also YBrs. Sr Muhammad Salim bin Mohammed Asari, Director of Divisional Survey (Cadastre) and senior officers of JUPEM Kedah.

The visit session was held to take a closer look at the work processes involving the measurement and preparation of the Acknowledgment Plan and Title Plan for preparing land grants other than to meet and socialize with officers and staff of JUPEM Kedah.

In addition, YB Minister of KeTSA was also given a briefing by YBrs. Director General of Survey and Mapping Malaysia regarding the role and function of JUPEM in cadastral lot survey activities and preparation of Title Plans, measurement and preparation of Topographic maps as well as related to the latest status of state and international border surveying and demarcation.

At the end of the visit session, YB Minister of KeTSA also completed the planting session of durian seedlings as a symbolic visit of YB Minister of KeTSA to JUPEM Kedah.