Award & Achievement

Special Public Serve Awards

1 1995 Files Management
2 1992 Information Technology Management


1 2003 Survey Methos for the Proprietary Rights Production of Organized Village Settlement
2 2002 Orthophoto Maps
3 2001 Electronics Maps Development (e-map)
4 1998 Introduction of Measurements For Cluster Land
5 1997  
6 1996 Electronic Site Work Book Development


1 2020
  • Certificate of Recognition from Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) for the success of the most sun observations in JUPEM Headquarters various locations throughout Malaysia and involving all JUPEM State. (184 Observations) - JUPEM Headquarters & All JUPEM State
  • Certificate of Recognition from Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) for the success of the longest topographic Map (8.03 meters) - JUPEM Headquarters
  • QE/5S Quality Environment Management System Certificate Award for the 10th time - JUPEM Headquarters
  • Certification of Security Protection Special Award (AKKP) 2019 - JUPEM Penang
  • Certification of Public Sector Condusive Ecosystem (EKSA) with Outstanding Category by MAMPU - JUPEM Terengganu & JUPEM Negeri Sembilan
  • Certificate of Appreciation 100% of e-Cencus from Department of Statistics Malaysia - JUPEM Kedah, JUPEM F. T. Labuan, JUPEM Johor, JUPEM Malacca and JUPEM Negeri Sembilan
2 2019
  • Certificate of Recognition Hydrography Programmes of Category A - JUPEM Headquarters
  • Men’s Team Champion dan 3rd Place Women’s Team in The Council of Sports and Welfare for the Government members of the Federal Territory (MAKSWIP) Carrom Tournament 2019 - JUPEM F.T. Kuala Lumpur/Putrajaya
  • QE/5S Quality Environment Management System Certificate Award for the 9th time - JUPEM Headquarters
  • ESRI Malaysia Geoinnovation Award 2019, Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) - Defence Geospatial Division (BGSP)
3 2018
  • The Best NRE 2017 Outcome Evaluation Report – The International Boundary (Land and Maritime) Demarcation and Survey Outcome Evaluation
  • Certificate of Consistency in Quality Environment Management (QE/5S) Award – JUPEM’s Headquarters
  • Esri Malaysia Geoinnovation Award 2018 – Examplary GIS Project
  • The Most Outstanding of Library Materials Deliveries 2017 Award
4 2017
5 2016
6 2015  
7 2004
8 2013
9 2012
  • Special Award MyGDI
  • Certifications MS ISO 9001:2008 oleh SIRIM
  • Certifications MS ISO 9001:2008 oleh IQNET
  • 3rd Place (Group of PADU) title of “Mengatasi Kesukaran Membuka Penutup Lurang Semasa Aktiviti Pengesahan Maklumat Utiliti Bawah Tanah”. Technical category in the Public Service KIK Convention Wilayah Persekutuan Ranked 9th in 2012
  • Award for Innovation Day Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment(NRE)
    • Champion (Group of KLIK) title of “Kesukaran Mengesan Status Tanah Tanpa Permohonan Ukur” : Kumpulan Invotif dan Kreatif (KIK) Competition Management Category
    • 3rd Place : 5S Montage Competition
    • 3rd Place : Propaganda Poster Competition (Motivation)
  • Finalist Anugerah Invasi Negara (AIN) 2012 : Group of MyRTKnet JUPEM Project
  • Award for Excellence in Achievement Rating 5 Star in Malaysia Government Portals and Websites Assessement(MGPWA) 2012 oleh Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC)
  • Certification of 5S Practice by MPC
10 2011

Overall Performance Sports Biennial, NRE : 4th in Ministry Level

11 2011
  • Recognition by the United Nations through a statement by Dr. Paul Cheung, Director of Statistics Division, United Nations through his letter to YB Menteri dated 1 August 2011 has been declared Excellence Malaysia and also the JUPEM.
  • Malaysia has been recognized as a world leader in the area of geospatial information management. The Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia is widely recognized as an institution of great credibility much admired around the world. Its efforts in providing a full range of e-services covering cadastral, mapping and geodetic are well recognized.
12 2011

5S Practice Certification by MPC

13 2011 Award for Excellence in Achievement Rating 5 Star in Malaysia Government Portals and Websites Assessement 2011 by MDEC
14 2011 Best Human Resource Management Award: 3rd Place for Ministry Level
15 2011 Kumpulan Inovasi dan Kreativiti (KIK) Best Category Technical and Non-Technical Award: 2nd Place for Ministry Level
16 2011 MS ISO 9001 : 2008 (Quality Management System Requirements)
17 2010
  • Malaysia Productivity Corporation Award (MPC) – National Quality Environment Award
  • Award for Innovation Days Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE)
    • 2nd Place : Award for Best Exhibition Design & Decor
    • 2nd Place : Choir
    • 2nd Place : Aerobics
    • 3rd Place : Kumpulan Inovatif dan Kreatif (KIK) Competition
    • 3rd Place : Award for Pengurusan Akaun Belum Terima (ABT)
    • 3rd Place : Award for Energy Conservation Category Utility Bills
    • Excellent : Implementation of Modules KPI HRMIS
  • 5S Practice Certificate -3rd Place for NRE Level
18 2009
  • Map Asia Award, Geospatial Excellence Award – Development of Real Time Kinamatics
  • Innovation and Invention Organized by FRIM, Bronze Category ICT eSQIP (electronic Solah & Qiblah Interactive Package)
  • MS ISO 9001 : 2000 (Quality Management System Requirements)
19 2008
  • Public Service Innovation Award (AIPA)
  • Production of Land Title Document Plan by Using Hybrid
20 2008

ESRI USA Award, Best Achievement Award In GIS

21 2005 Sabah Public Services Quality Award (AQPA)
22 2004 Information Technology Premiere Award Field To Finish
23 2003

Integraph USA Award, Geospatial Achivement Award

24 2002
  • Kelantan Public Services Excellent Awards (MASKAP)
  • ICT & Electronic Government Category
25 2001

The Best Web Site For Public Sector Awards

26 2000

ESRI USA Award, Best Achievement Award In GIS