There are two types of benchmarks, namely Standard Benchmark (SBM) and Benchmark (BM).


There are two types of benchmarks:

Standard Benchmark (SBM)

  • It is a ground planed monument built for stability to minimised the probability of disturbance. The SBM are established within the precise leveling network to provide a stable benchmark system that will control the leveling network. The marks are located along major road system at road junctions or at every 40 kilometers intervals.

Benchmark (BM)

  • It is built between standard benchmarks at every half (0.5) kilometer in developed area and at every one (1) kilometer for the rest. Each benchmark has a plate and bolt, mounted on top of a concrete monument jutting out from the ground surface and they are located near or within permanent structures such as milestones, bridges, telecommunication poles and buildings (police station, school etc).


Along major roads in Peninsular Malaysia.

MYR 5.00 per station.

These products can be purchased from Geospatial Information and Sales Center or via E-Biz JUPEM Geoportal.