Certified Strata Plan

Certified Strata Plan


Certified Strata Plan is prepared according to the format specified by the Department. The features found in plan include location plan, storey plan, common boundary, number of parcels and share units. Information such as strata plan number, surveyed file number, Land Office file number and other particulars as prescribed by the Director of Survey and Mapping are also being displayed. Preparation of the Certified Strata Plan shall be based on the dimensions of the physical measurements of buildings that have been built on the site and in accordance with the building plans approved by the local planning authority. Digital format of the plan can be obtained from database can be obtained in the graphical format of the *.IFF raster data. The legal provisions are based on the Strata Titles Act 1985.

All States Survey and Mapping Department

In accordance to Fees and Payments (Services, Survey and Mapping Data and Reproduction) Order 2010.

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