Coordinate Transformation Parameters

Coordinate Transformation Parameter.

Coordinate Transformation is the process of changing of coordinate system or datum from one system to another for the purpose of its usage on different application and base map. DSMM has produced various sets of transformation parameter to relate the different types of coordinate systems in Malaysia.

The transformation parameter were generated based on coordinates of some well chosen control stations which are common to different datums. They are generated through least square analysis using various models accepted by the global geodetic community. There are fourteen (14) sets of transformation parameter available at DSMM:

  • GDM2000 to GDM2000 (2008)
  • GDM2000 to EMGSN97
  • GDM2000 to MRT48
  • GDM2000 to MRT48
  • GDM2000 to BT68 (Sarawak)
  • GDM2000 to MRSOGDM
  • GDM2000 to BRSOGDM
  • GDM2000 to CassiniGDM
  • PMGSN94 to MRT48
  • EMGSN97 to BT68 (Sabah)
  • EMGSN97 to BT68 (Sarawak)
  • MRT48 to MRSO
  • BT68 to BRSO
  • MRSO to Cassini




  • Coordinate Transformation : MYR4.00 per station
  • Coordinate Transformation Parameter : MRY60.00 one set

These products can be purchased from Geospatial Information and Sales Center or via E-Biz JUPEM Geoportal.