Duty and Responsibility

Three (3) main activities of JUPEM in providing surveying infrastructure throughout the country:

Mapping Activities

  • Provision of Geodetic Survey Infrastructure Facilities for:
    • Levelling
    • Gravity Survey
    • Tidal Observations
    • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Network
  • Topographic Mapping Survey
    • Aerial Imaging (Photogrammetry) 
  • Map Production 
    • Multi-Scale Topographic Map
    • Multi-Scale Thematic Map
  • Underground Utility Detection Survey
  • Database Preparation & Management 
    • Topography
    • Cartography
    • Utility
  • Coordination of Standardization Activities
    • Determination of Geographical Names
    • Geomatics
    • Geo-information
  • Boundary Determination Survey 
    • International Borders (Land & Maritime)
      • Malaysia - Thailand
      • Malaysia - Indonesia
      • Malaysia - Singapore
      • Malaysia - Brunei
      • Continental Shelf
    • Interstate Borders
  • National Map Library

Cadastral Activities

  • Provide advice related to cadastral survey and services to the public.
  • Carry out Land Title Survey (UHMT) work related to the preparation of land title plans for survey purposes as follows:
    • Disposal of land for land alienation and reserves;
    • Subdivision;
    • Partition;
    • Amalgamation;
    • Land Acquisition etc.
  • Carry out verification on Strata/Stratum title survey works.
  • Oversee the quality control of Licensed Land Surveyors (LS) works.
  • Prepare and provide Certified Plan (CP), Certified Strata Plan (PAB), Gazette Plan and Standard Sheet.
  • Prepare and provide Land Title Plan (B1)/Strata Title Plan (B4)/Stratum Title Plan.
  • Establish and maintain information for the National Digital Cadastral Survey Database (NDCDB).
  • Establish and maintain cadastral survey control (traverse/Cadastral Reference Mark (CRM)/NDCDB).
  • Establish and maintain GLMS Database (Geographical Layer Management System) information.
  • Conduct standard calibration to all Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) calibration site pillars located nationwide and update the calibration data/information into the eMalaysia EDM Accreditation System (eMEDMAS).
  • Manage and update the standard calibration information for EDM/GNSS Calibration Sites nationwide.
  • Coordinate technical and surveying policies including cadastral survey, strata title and stratum title.

Defence Geospatial Activities

  • Provide defence geospatial web products and services for Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) operations and training needs.
  • Provide defence geospatial services for humanitarian assistance and natural disaster management needs.
  • Provide technical advisory services related to geospatial for the needs of MAF development programs.
  • Enforce the Classified Geospatial Safety Directive