Duty and Responsibility

The Two Main JUPEM’s Activity In Providing Survey Infrastructure For The Whole Nation Are:

Mapping Activities

  • Preparation for Survey Infrastructure Facilities
    • Levelling
    • Gravity Survey
    • Tidal Obervation
    • GPS Network
  • Topography Survey
  • Aerial Photography
  • Preparation of Topography Maps in Various Scale
  • Preparation of Thematic Maps in Various Scale
  • Preparation of Topography and Cartography Data Base
  • Design and Print Safety Documents
  • National Maps Library
  • Survey pf International Boundry (Land & Maritim)
    • Malaysia – Thailand
    • Malaysia – Indonesia
    • Malaysia – Singapura
    • Pelantar Benua
  • Survey of inter state boundaries


Cadastral Activities

  • Ownership Demarcate for Variety Purpose
    • Title Survey (First ownership)
    • Separation and Combination of land titles
    • Land acquisition
  • Monitoring and Quality control of works done by License Land Surveyors
  • Preparation of Title Documents for Land / Strata / Stratum
  • Preparation of Digital Cadastral Database (PDUK)
  • Developing and Managing Cadastral Database Control Infrastructure