Geoidal Height Computation

Geiodal Height Computation.

Malaysian Geoid Models, MyGEOID consists of two basic models namely WMGEOID04 in Peninsular Malaysia and EMGEOID05 in Sabah and Sarawak. They are the first national geoid models produced by JUPEM through its joint consultancy with KMS of Denmark in the Airborne Gravity Survey and Geoid Determination Project. These geoid models are hybrid of gravimetric geoids with GPS ellipsoid heights on leveled bench marks. Therefore, these values are suitable for use with GPS survey to obtain mean sea level directly without further transformation.


MyGeoid2 is obtained from downward continued free-air gravity grid at zero level by spherical FFT, followed by the restore of the spherical harmonic and RTM geoid effects. It uses the latest available terrestrial and airborne data with a total of 960 x 1080 points in Peninsular Malaysia and 1080 x 1680 points in Sabah and Sarawak.

WMGEOID04 and EMGEOID05 consist of a 1′ by 1′ grid (approximately 1.8km) of geoid-ellipsoid separations (N Values) relative to the Local Mean Sea Level.

The Geoid Height Computation service is provided for user to key in the WGS84 coordinates of points interactively for the geoid heights required. Batch processing is also available, and for this service, the user would need to load in the input file concerned based on the required format.


MYR 3.00 per point.

These products can be purchased from Geospatial Information and Sales Center or via E-Biz JUPEM Geoportal.