Geoidal Map

Geoidal Map

Malaysian Geoid Models, MyGEOID consists of two basic models namely WMGEOID04 in Peninsular Malaysia and EMGEOID05 in Sabah and Sarawak. MyGEOID could be supplied in L7030 or T738 topographic map size. These geoid models are hybrid of gravimetric geoids with GPS ellipsoid heights on leveled bench marks. Therefore, these values are suitable for use with GPS survey to obtain mean sea level directly without further transformation.


MyGEOID can divide in to two:

  • Separate Geoid Map in the size of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, Sabah or Sarawak.
  • Geoid Map in the size of topograpgy map (30km X 30km) L7030 0r T736




  • Height of Geoid : MRY3.00 per point
  • One map sheet 30kmx30km : MRY250.00 per sheet
  • Peninsular Malaysia : MRY20,000.00 per set
  • Sabah : MRY10,000.00 per set
  • Sarawak : MRY10,000.00 per set
  • Federal Territory of Labuan : MRY250.00 per set



  • For a single point:
    • Station id/latitude/longitude/height (Ellipsoidal/MSL) – (degrees decimal)
    • Station id/latitude/longitude/height (Ellipsoidal/MSL) – (degree, minutes, second)
    • Station id / X / Y / Z (meter)
    • Station id / N / E / Height (General UTM in meter)
  • For one map sheet (30km x 30km):
    • Center coordinates of selected area (WGS84)


These products can be purchased from Geospatial Information and Sales Center or via E-Biz JUPEM Geoportal.