GPS Station

GPS Control Stations.

GPS Control Marks are marks that were set up to form a control network connected to the National Reference Frame of GDM2000 through the use of GPS measurement technique. These marks were chosen for use as control in cadastre surveys, mapping, military, scientific studies and etc.


Presently there are 238 GPS Control Marks established as the Peninsular Malaysia Primary GPS Network 2000 (PMPGN2000) and 171 GPS Control Marks established as the East Malaysia Primary GPS Network 2000 (EMPGN2000). The red G symbol is the purpose-made GPS monuments which has a plate and bolt, mounted on top of a concrete monument jutting out from the ground surface. Some of theses marks are re-used triangulation pillars or fundamental benchmarks. They have GPS coordinates of the same high quality, and are equally good for the purpose of controlling GPS surveys in the GDM2000 coordinate system. In addition to those shown on this map, new GPS control marks will be established in the future.

1994 – 2000

238 Stations in Peninsular Malaysia
171 Stations in Sabah and Sarawak

MYR 15.00 per station.

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