History and Background

1915 Cadastral surveying in Perlis began in 1915 under the administration of Superintendent Survey Kedah by agreement between the two Government Kedah and Perlis .
MARCH 1951 Northern Kedah District Surveyor work assigned to carry out these measurements . Certified Plan ( Certified Plan) for the first Perlis CP 164 was approved on March 10, 1951 .
JUNE 1956 In June 1956 , Perlis District Survey Office was officially established by Mr. Abdul Wahab bin Daud as District Surveyor Perlis . Cadastral surveying running throughout Perlis , Kubang Pasu , Kedah and Langkawi District .
NOVEMBER 1995 Department of Survey and Mapping Perlis formed separately with JUPEM Kedah on 1 November 1995 .
DECEMBER 1995 The first Certified Plan JUPEM Perlis PA 70000 approved on December 19, 1995 .
MAY 2009 Implementation of e – cadastre has been in start on the 1st May 2009 and the first Certified Plan PA 100001 issued on 08 September 2010. At this time, the headquarters of the Department of Survey and Mapping Perlis is located at 6th Floor , Federal Building Kangar , Persiaran Jubilee Gold and Branch field survey in No. 7 , Taman Pengkalan Indah , Jalan Pengkalan Asam , Kangar .
JUNE 2013 JUPEM Perlis held an opening ceremony of the Regional Surveyor ‘s Office ( JUD ) located in Kangar . The ceremony was officiated by the Director General of Survey and Mapping Malaysia ( Circular ) which was attended by senior officials and staff of JUPEM Perlis workforce .