History and Background




Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (Sabah Branch) was established based on the Intergovernmental Committee, 1962: “12 (b) (i) Topographical and Geodetic Surveys should be Federal subjects but should continue to be carried out as at present by State Land and Survey Department as agents for the Federal Government. (ii) Cadastral Survey is State Subject “and so on through the Intergovernmental Committee of the Ministerial on December 4, 1975, which decreed: the Federal Government should take over the responsibility for carrying out topographical and geodetic surveys in Sabah and Sarawak when the Federal Government is capable and ready to do so. “in accordance with the results of both the Committee, on 10 October 1983, the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (Sabah Branch) was established officially. At its inception, the Department is known as Sabah Topographic and Geodesy unit consisting of two (2) sections which are Headquarters and Field survey region I, Kota Kinabalu branch located at Wisma Kebajikan, Sembulan, Kota Kinabalu. In 1985, Field survey Region II branch has been opened in Tawau and Field survey of Region III branch was opened in 1993 in Sandakan.


The department began to be known as the Department of Surveying Mapping Malaysia (Sabah Topography Section) or JUPEM Sabah.



On January 1, 2014, following the decentralization policy, Mapping Division and JUPEM’s workforce restructuring through the warrant of employment No. 128 of 2013, amended of Sabah Topographic Section to Sabah Topographic Mapping Section.