History and Background

1910 Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia established a year after the Treaty of Bangkok in 1909 where Siam ( Thailand ) hands over Kedah and Perlis to the British . Initially housed in two rented stores in Alor Setar . Currently divided into two administrative districts of Kedah in Alor Setar North and South in Kulim Kedah .
1913 JUPEM Kedah Alor Setar moved from Kulim . Located in the residence of Survey on Jalan Bukit Awi .
1914 JUPEM Kedah moved into the building in Jalan Kulim stores in April 1914 .
1918 Measurement in Perlis began under the administration of the Director of Survey , Kedah . Northern Kedah commissioned surveyor conducting the survey for the state of Perlis
1947 District Survey Office South Kedah , Kulim closed because of lack of work and merged with the District Survey Office Central Kedah , Sungai Petani .
1956 Perlis District Survey Office was officially established . Placed in Hospital Jalan Kangar in Perlis under the auspices of the Regional Surveyor.
1964 District Survey Office Perlis , Kangar moved to level 3 of the Federal Government Building on August 15, 1964 after a building in Jalan Hospital was taken over by the Office of Land Supervision Plan Perlis .
1968 JUPEM Kedah moved to its own building now occupied on June 15, 1968 after 54 years the building housed the store . Opening of JUPEM Kedah / Perlis on 18 November 1968 by the Minister of Lands and Mines , Hj . Abdul Rahman bin Yaacob .


District Survey Office , North Kedah , Alor Setar moved from Jalan Kolam Ayer to Building Survey , PKNK on July 8, 1968

1971 PKedah District Survey Office Central / South , Sungai Petani move to level 4 , Federal Building , Sungai Petani on June 26, 1971 .
1978 District Survey Office , North Kedah , Alor Setar move to level 4 , Federal Building , Alor Setar on 26 July 1978 .
1983 South Kedah District Survey Office , separated from Kedah District Survey Office Central / South , Sungai Petani and placed on the ground floor of Building Meeting on May 2, 1983 .
1995 JUPEM Perlis created separately from JUPEM Kedah / Perlis on 1 November 1995 .