History and Background



Kelantan Survey Department was established on 11 July 1910 in an area known as Buluh Kubu with 6 staff. Then the office moved to the Carnegie Building, Jalan Doktor until 1931 and placed in to the building that are now used as the State Museum. Establishment JUPEM by the British following the submission of Siam to Kelantan by the British government through the Anglo - Siamese Treaty in 1909 .


In Kelantan, the ownership of land is primitive and according to the Malay Customary/traditional practices during the reign of Siam until 1910. A systematic method was introduced to demarcate an alienated land. Surveying works at the initial stage is using plane table and chain to determine the distance of boundary without bearing to meet Kelantan Land Enactment 1926.


JUPEM Kelantan’s building which is now located at Jalan Hospital on Lot 240, Sek.12 Bandar Kota Bharu, with a total area of premises is 1 acre and 528.5 fathoms built in 1957, launched/inaugurated by YB. Bahaman bin Shamsudin, Minister of Natural Resources, the Federation of Malaya on 18 September 1958.


JUPEM Kelantan’s building now is 2-storey annexe that accommodate the increasing number of current staff 130 people was completed built in 2000 and launched/inaugurated by His Majesty Al Sultan Kelantan on 14 September 2002/7 Rajab 1423H.