History and Background

1899 Established. Based in the Government Offices Building, Kuala Lipis.
1909 On 1 January, listed by department Survey Perak , Selangor , Negeri Sembilan and Perak Trigonometry Survey Department formed Federated Malay States ( F.M.S. Survey Department ) . Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. The first Head Surveyors was Colonel H.M. Jackson .
1946 After World War II , under the Director of Survey , Malayan Union & Singapore.
1948 Federation of Malaya was established under the National Surveyors Malaya .
1957 When an independent state , governed by the National Federation of Surveyors . On July 24, 1957 Mr . Ong Sim Leng become first citizen appointed as Director of Pahang .
1965 Switching from Kuala Lipis to Kuantan . Building Survey Department Pahang had been built in Jalan Tengku Muhamad , Kuantan shopping RM450,000.00 and inaugurated on 17 September, 1965 by the Minister of Land Affairs and Mines Malaysia YB . En . Abdul Rahman bin Yaqoub .
1988 The new building was built on the back of the original building .
1990 The new building is ready and installed computer equipment . JUPEM Pahang stepped into the era of information technology and the establishment of the Land Survey System of Computer Aided ( CALS ) .
1995 Implementation SPDK system to replace the CALS system.
2000 Upgrade SPDK system implementation and SAPD and the field to finish and use of fully digital data including digital confess plan generated by the Digital End Products .
2007 E-Kadaster system implementation .