History and Background

1892 Established in 1892, located in the Strait Patronage of Local Officials . Located in Bandar Kaba , Bandar Hilir Melaka Survey Department officials shared with the Public Works Department .
1903 On 11/30/1903 , Ordinance 81 was used only to allow a surveyor licensed under the Surveyors General to carry out measurements of the registration of the Deed .
1920 On 12/08/1920 , the first named PA2 Certified Plan is approved .
1.4.1920 Department of Survey and Survey Department Singapore Melaka combined and administered under the Public Surveyors ( FMS and SS )
1950 On 01.01.1950 , the Department of Survey combined Melaka and Negeri Sembilan Negeri Sembilan after the Survey Department was separated from the Department of Survey Selangor .
1957 On 01.01.1957 , the Department of Survey and Survey Department Melaka , Negeri Sembilan was isolated .
1967 On 04/03/1967 , the Building Survey Department moved to Lot 302 , Jalan Taming Sari , KB XXXV , Bandar Melaka and officiated by Tun Haji Abd . Razak bin Dato ‘ Hussin , Deputy Prime Minister .
1995 On 01/01/1995 , JUPEM Malacca stepped into the era of modernization trend computer by using Mini System CALS .