History and Background of JUPEM

The Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia or JUPEM is one of the earliest agencies in Malaysia that performs the survey and mapping activities which started in 1885 when the Department of Survey Johor was established. During the 1885 and 1957 period, the States Survey and Topographic Department were gradually, established one by one and later merged as one entity as it is now known. In 1965, the government approved the setting up of “Direktorat Pemetaan Negara Malaysia” (Directorate of National Mapping, Malaysia) that was responsible in survey, mapping, topographic and geodetic activities.

Later, Sabah’s JUPEM was found in 1983. Another branch was set up in the Federal Territory of Labuan in 1984. In 1989, Sarawak’s JUPEM was created while Perlis’s JUPEM was opened in 1995.

JUPEM is responsible for the country’s survey and mapping activities and entrusted in such activities so as to safeguard country’s sovereignty. Department’s activities are vital as they are to spur the country’s socio-economic development.

Since its foundation, JUPEM has embarked into various restructuring programs and modernization process in order to improve its services and products offered. 

JUPEM has always strived to be the best in survey and mapping activities ever since its conventional era. This effort continues even in the era of satellite technology. 

The Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia is lead by the Director General of Survey and Mapping Malaysia who also appointed as Pengarah Pemetaan Negara and Pengarah Pemetaan Tentera and supported by Deputy Director General of Survey and Mapping I and Deputy Director General of Survey and Mapping II. JUPEM’s organisation is divided into six main division as below: 

  • Cadastral Division  
  • Mapping Division  
  • Boundary Affairs Division  
  • Geodetic Survey Division  
  • Defence Geospatial Division 
  • Management Division