National Atlas of Malaysia

Atlas is a compilation maps showing comprehensive spatial data of a country and suitable to be a reference in the field of education, planning, scientific research and tourism. The information displayed is not limited to geographical information and infrastructure only but also include environmental, social conflict and so on.


National Atlas contains ten (10) main theme consists of Introduction, History, Border, Climate, Physical, Natural Resources, Land Use, Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Economics and Tourism. National Atlas consists of 260 pages and contains 10 themes and 56 sub-themes.

National Atlas published in print and digital displays various type of  maps, text, photos and statistical information for the theme of Identity, History, Border, Climate, Physical, Natural Resources, Land Use, Economics, Tourism and Infrastructure.

National Atlas displays a collection of thematic maps option, text, photos and statistical information compiled an infographic and contemporary that makes this book even more interesting with the aim of increasing public interest to appreciate every aspect of the maps.

National Atlas can also be used as reading material for the students, especially primary and lower secondary school. In addition, the information displayed and its preparation techniques are of interest to the students concerned to explore the field of geospatial and cartography.

National Atlas priced at RM250 per copy.