Tidal Data

Tidal Data

JUPEM has published information on tide for 12 locations at Peninsular Malaysia, 6 locations in Sabah and 4 locations in Sarawak. These data is available in printed or digital (.pdf format) version.


Tide Observation Record is published annually that contains information about station location, tide level, mean sea level and harmonic constant. In addition, there is also detailed information on each tide gauge stations, the data level and sea level changes marigram.

Tide Tables annual data is generated from observations through the analysis of harmonic calculation. A datum level is used for predictions based on the Indian Spring Low Water (ISLW) tides. Tide Tables contain the following information :

  • Harmonic Constant
  • Table of Hourly Heights
  • Table of Times and Heights of High and Low Waters
  • Tidal Marigram



Tidal Data : MYR5.00 per month per station
Tidal Observation Record : MRY50.00 per volume
Tidal Prediction Table : MRY50.00 per volume

These products can be purchased from Geospatial Information and Sales Center or via E-Biz JUPEM Geoportal.