Date Published : 12 Nov 2020

Technical Visit from Malaysian National Security Council (NSC)

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 Nov - Director General of Survey and Mapping Malaysia, Dato' Sr Dr. Azhari bin Mohamed today received a technical visit from the Malaysian National Security Council (NSC) delegation lead by Datuk Khairul Shahril bin Idrus, Deputy Director General of NSC (Strategic Security) and accompanied by Brig. Jen. Mohd Nazaruddin bin Mohd Nazir, Director of the National Operations Management Center, Ms. Khairani Faidzah binti Dolah, Director of Information Technology Division, Mr. Mohd Helmy bin Ahmad, Senior Assistant Director of BKKN and other officers of MKN.

Also present were Sr Mohammad Zaki bin Mohd. Ghazali, Director of Survey (Boundary Affairs Division); Sr Dr. Mohd Yunus bin Mohd Yusoff, Director of Survey (Geodetic Survey Division); Brig. Jen. Sr Dr. Mohd Zambri bin Mohamad Rabab, Director of Defence Geospatial Division and Sr Hazri bin Hassan, Director of Survey (Mapping Policy Section), Coordinating and Mapping Policy Division.